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1-2-Writing Online Publication Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all works submitted for consideration to 1-2-Writing. By submitting your work, you agree to the following:

--1-2-Writing is solely responsible for the decision to post any work on www.12writingworkshopsonline.com.

--1-2-Writing will credit you as the source in all links and postings which include your article or refer to it. Your promoted websites will be included on any site page which includes your article. Your e-mail address will not be posted online unless you specifically request this in writing. If you like, I will post an online form which will allow readers to contact you directly through the website using a secondary e-mail account.

--Unless otherwise specified, all works submitted to www.12writingworkshopsonline.com will be posted as open-source content freely available for any interested parties. 1-2-Writing will provide no monetary compensation for works submitted unless a prior agreement is made in writing.

--1-2-Writing will maintain non-exclusive internet publication rights for your article. I encourage you to post your work on your own website and to a reasonable number of additional sites with which you are personally affiliated, but I ask that you do not distribute for widespread publication across the internet. If you do publish your article elsewhere (e.g. blogs, open-source indices, etc.), please include a link with your article to www.12writingworkshopsonline.com. Also, please let me know - I'll gladly post links to other sites presenting your article.

--You agree to accept the privacy policies and practices of all third-party affiliate services to which 1-2-Writing subscribes (e.g. Amazon, GoogleAds, and AllPosters). 1-2-Writing will not share your e-mail address or other identifying information with these services.

--1-2-Writing will not post your article to any site other than www.12writingworkshops.com. 1-2-Writing does not take part in third-party content distribution, and no submitted work will ever be submitted to such services. However, your article may be indexed through third-party internet search engines (e.g. Google) at the request of 1-2-Writing or due to the open-source nature of www.12writingworkshopsonline.com. 1-2-Writing may also post direct links to your article on third-party websites, but all such links will specify you by name and will include no more content than the title and the topic of your article.

--1-2-Writing has no control over external reviews or critiques of your article undertaken by third-party websites and will take no responsibility for their content or opinions. 1-2-Writing reserves the right to post public-access reviews and critiques of your work. Any such reviews submitted by outside authors will be bound by the same guidelines specified here.

--All views and opinions expressed in submissions to www.12writingworkshopsonline.com remain the sole property of the submitting author, and 1-2-Writing takes no responsibility for the personal preferences or recommendations of submitting authors. Excessive profanity, lewd or disparaging comments, and defamatory remarks will not be permitted on www.12writingworkshopsonline.com. Due to the artistic nature of certain works (e.g. fiction, poetry, memoir, etc.), 1-2-Writing may post works which may be deemed inflamatory or inappropriate by some individuals, and 1-2-Writing takes full responsibility for the artistic judgement regarding publication. 1-2-Writing reserves the right to post warnings and disclaimers regarding any work deemed to require parental consent or other considerations prior to reading.

--We are committed to an atmosphere free of physical and emotional threat.

By it's very nature, art often contains very strong emotional themes, and I encourage all authors to address the difficult issues that face us as individuals and as a society. However, addressing issues in a literary or artistic manner should not cross the line of encouraging violence or discrimation toward others. No submissions will be accepted which overtly promote physical, sexual, or emotional violence toward others. Any articles which promote discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, or ethnicity will also be removed from consideration. Serious or repeat submissions of this nature may result in the loss of membership and all privileges associated with 1-2-Writing. All decisions regarding this matter will be at the sole discretion of 1-2-Writing. No refunds will be given for individuals removed from membership or a workshop due to article submissions which violate this policy.

This said, understand that this policy is far more lenient for submissions than for direct posting in the membership or public areas of the website. If you would like to post anything - anything at all - and you are uncertain if it's appropriate, please let me know. I will not penalize anyone for inquiry.

--1-2-writing reserves the right to remove any article from the site at any time.

--Any questions regarding these guidelines should be addressed to the 1-2-Writing Website Administrator:

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