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Would you like to Join a Community of Creative Writers?

Then you've come to the right place!

Here at 1-2-Writing, we're developing a new model for online creative writing instruction. Rather than focus on just workshops or a just a community or just information, we're bringing together all three to provide a complete experience for our members. It our desire to see you write your very best works - to develop your fiction, your poetry, your memoirs. We aren't here to "inflict" a particular style or school of literature on your writing, but rather to nurture your creativity while exposing you to as many different techniques as we can.

Our motto, "Write Your Inspiration," springs from this desire to see you write the work that you most want to write. That's why we've put together a Members Area just for you. Through our Members Area, you can take advantage of our free services - weekly Freewriting Prompts, Free Online Workshops, and our Online Writer's Support Group. Also, from time-to-time we'll have bonus materials available for your enjoyment - the "Adventures of Dagny," perhaps, or live online discussions for you to ask questions with immediate answers.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please let me know. Or, for more information on membership, Read On.

Contact Ryan

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Don't Stress over Meter

Shakespeare made iambic pentameter into a household word, but many writers still dread the idea of writing it. There's no reason to worry - meter occurs naturally in languages such as English and German, and it's an integral component of literature in these languages. Here are some tips to help you feel Unstressed Over Meter.

Young Writers Need and Deserve Our Support

Sometimes, I hear something along the lines of "these bad writers need to be told to get out while they still can. They're just setting themselves up for disappointment."

Words like this send a chill down my spine. Please read about the Dangers of Discouraging Young Writers.

Why should I join 1-2-Writing? What are the benefits of membership?

The primary benefit of membership is access to our secure online discussion (powered by Google Groups - Open 24/7, password-protected against the outside world, and backed up by Google's own authentication standards, this is our safe place to post stories, exchange ideas, and be a part of the community.

Also, our Free Online Creative Writing Workshops are available exclusively to members. Once you're a member, you may take part in these workshops completely free of charge. (participation in free classes may be limited based on availability - as we're joined by more instructors, the number of free courses will expand in number and variety).

Overall, though, this community is for you. For our members, we'll set up writing groups you can take part in and provide encouragement - and these are all included in membership. It's our belief that, as members, you'll encourag each other much more than we'd be able to working alone.

But what's it cost? Are you guys gonna charge me for every month I have a password to your website?

Short answer: No. Although we do offer an option to pay for membership, we prefer that you contribute your ideas rather than your money. Currently, we have three ways to become a member - look to the right for details.

It's my personal belief that any writer - particularly young writers, students, and writers who are short on cash - should be able to find writing support free of charge. Often, helpful support at the introductory level can help a student of writing reach the next level of applying for educational programs and hopefully publication. -Ryan

Membership in 1-2-Writing is Free

As part of our efforts to expand, we're offering our membership free-of-charge and free-of-obligation. We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to join the site and see what we have to offer.

Here at 1-2-Writing, I believe in trying to avoid excess fees wherever possible. Although I cannot offer all workshops free of charge (starving writers have been known to eat from time to time...), I believe that any individual who wants to be a member should have the opportunity to join without fees. In exchange, we hope that you'll contribute to the writing community either here on the website or where you live.



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