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Inspiration for Your Creative Writing

In popular mythology, Inspiration represents some nebulous, artistic entity derived from nature or the gods or some impossibly fortified beverage. Often, we speak of the muse as a fickle creature, given to depart on the grounds of the faintest whimsy.

Such explanations help no one. These excuses - albeit disguised as romantic theories - allow us to pass the buck for everything from writer's block to boredom. And yet we all agree that inspiration is important. We are inspired by breathtaking vistas and new ideas. The extremes of emotion - love, hate, fear, fervor - further inspire us. They excite our passions and lead us to write stories rich with meaning.

Knowing this, I'd rather not leave inspiration to pure chance. And there's no reason to. As writers, we owe it to ourselves to seek out the inspiration we need to write our best stories.

1-2-Writing is here to help. Feel free to browse our articles listed to the left for good directions to take as you write about your life.

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