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Welcome to 1-2-Writing. As returning visitors will notice, we're still remodeling the site to better suit your needs. For newcomers - please browse our links to the left. If you like what you see, please consider signing up for our Newsletter and Member's Area over to the right.

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Free Online Workshops: Don't forget to sign up for our Member's Page so you can take part in free online classes and our weekly freewriting prompts. These free writing workshops will be available only through the Members Page.

About 1-2-Writing

1-2-Writing began in February 2008 as a project to provide free and low-cost writing classes online. To read more about why this is important to me, please read my Blogging Thoughts on creative writing workshops.

Another aspect of 1-2-Writing I haven't talked about as much was my original desire to show that I could "make a living" off my website without overcharging visitors for writing workshops. As the website expands through this new iteration, we'll discuss some of the economics of online writing workshops and writing websites in general - important considerations for anyone who either runs a website or plans to use online writing services.

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