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Nonfiction - Important Food for the Writer's Appetite

As a writer, it's always hard for me to recommend good nonfiction. As you'll notice, my personal reading leans heavily toward military and scientific topics - very respectable subjects, certainly, but not the ones that interest everyone. I've done my best here to recommend only books that I believe will appeal to a wide audience. These may not be the books you would ordinarly check out from the library, but I urge you to take a second look at this picks. I consider many of them to be essential reading for citizens of the modern age.

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Your Favorite Books

My list of recommendations is of course incomplete - there are so many excellent books out there, and I've read only the smallest fraction of a percentage. If you've read a good book lately, or if there's a book which has changed your outlook on life and writing, please Let Me Know. If you can include the title, the author, and a few words about why you loved the book, I'll share your recommendations here on the site.

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